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What Has Your Bank Filed?

Emergency Foreclosure Relief

Is Your Home in Foreclosure?


If your bank is trying to take your home you may still have time to stop the Utah foreclosure process and explore your options. But you have to act VERY fast. Call today, or fill out the form to the right, and we will make it top priority to contact you and help you prevent a foreclosure in Utah! Micah Olson and the Effective Agent team help Utah homeowners with emergency foreclosure relief every day. BUT you have to act fast. The earlier you begin to stop a foreclosure in Utah the more options you have.

Loan modification, bankruptcy, deed in lieu, short sale, or forbearance are all available methods of foreclosure relief in Utah. The key is to understand your situation, and the impact of each of these options. When you contact Micah Olson using the form to the right, or by calling 801-805-4900 he will offer you a free confidential consultation during which your goals and current situation will be discussed. Micah will also help you understand ALL options available to you to avoid foreclosure in Utah.

If your bank has already filed a Utah notice of default, or trustee sale you have very little time, and we need to immediately begin an emergency foreclosure stop. Depending on your situation you still have a few options available to you to avoid foreclosure. Rest assured, we are emergency foreclosure relief experts.

With the Effective Agent team of Attorney's, Licensed Realtors, and certified negotiation experts, and our years of experience providing foreclosure help in Utah we are confident that we will be able to help you choose the best option available to you to stop foreclosure in Utah. Do not settle for an agent who can not protect your legal rights, or lacks experience. There is too much at stake. Utah banks have the ability to seek a judgment against you in the foreclosure process, employers are beginning to check credit for foreclosures, security clearances can be jeopardized, and credit is severely damaged by Utah foreclosures.

Foreclosure help in Utah is our specialty. .

After the foreclosure has been stopped we will help you
  • - Explore your options to avoid foreclosure
  • - Save your credit
  • - Understand your legal rights
  • - Sell, or save your home
  • - Continue living in your home while a workout is undertaken

There may not be anything worse for your credit than a foreclosure. Your bank could pursue a deficiency judgment and come after you for money even after the foreclosure. YOU DO NOT WANT A FORECLOSURE!!! Call today! 801-805-4900


Fill out the form to the right to request a free foreclosure check

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Short Sale FAq's

When you call the Effective Agent Team we will help you assess your options and:

  • Understand your rights
  • Provide information about Utah Foreclosure laws
  • Discuss the general implications of Utah foreclosure compared to Utah Short Sale
  • Put a long term home ownership plan in place
  • Understand the Utah Short Sale or Utah Loan modification process