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Distressed New Construction?

Sep 11, 2011
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If you started construction of a new home around 2007 chances are you are experiencing a great hardship relating to the property right now.  Your are not alone.  The Effective Agent Team has worked with hundreds of people who have gone through the same challenges.  Just in the last month we have successfully helped people who have suffered;

  • New homes facing foreclosure due to high payments and inability to sell.
  • Property owners trying to stay current on loans and suffering financially from the burden.
  • Property owners facing foreclosure due to tenants lack of rent payments. 
  • Sale of properties with multiple loans, lines, liens, and judgments.
  • Uncompleted home due to contractor walk off, and fraud.
  • Uncompleted home due to bank freezing construction financing.
  • Personal judgments related to construction.
  • Mechanics liens against "upside down" properties.
  • We have helped hundreds of people in many complex situations successfully reach an agreement with their bank to sell.

In fact we just closed the sale of a home for a client who owed over $600,000 on their loan.  We sold the home for $356,000, and got the bank to walk away with zero deficiency, zero cash contribution, AND gave $3,000 to the sellers.  Meanwhile the sellers collected rent and used it to offset their prior losses on the home!  If your goal is to remain in the property we can give advice on loan modifications, as well.

Click the link above to visit our main site.  We offer a FREE, Private consultation designed to help you figure out what options are available, and right, for you.  Or call 801.805.4900 now to speak with Micah Olson about your situation.

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