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I Have Two Loans, Can I Still Short Sell?

Sep 11, 2012
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Yes. We can work with both lenders (many times the same lender hold the 1st and the 2nd loans) to put together a Short Sale transaction. Even if the value of your home is below the balance of the 1st mortgage, we can normally get the two lenders to cooperate.

In the end, neither lender wants to own another home through foreclosure.

One thing to expect however is a longer process prior to completing the sale.  While we have virtually always been successful at completing the process with multiple lenders involved it does take time to get everyone on the same page.  Even if the loans are with the same bank (and you still get statements from that bank) , they may have been sold to different investors who will need to work together to make it happen.  But don't worry, we are trained experts and are very successful at what we do.

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