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If I am Current on My Payment Can I Still Short Sell?

Sep 11, 2012
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The answer is, yes.  If you have a legitimate hardship lenders will allow a short sale.  The process will generally take a little longer than someone trying to sell who has missed a years worth of payments, but banks WILL allow you to sell if you have not missed payments!  AND, currently FHA is allowing people who have short sold a house to buy a home again as long as a notice of default has not been filed.

We can put your Short Sale file together within a couple days and, once we receive an offer, submit it for approval. (Remember, there is no charge for this). 

If you are worried about your ability to continue making payments call me for a free planning session.  801-805-4900.  I will help you explore your options with no cost, and no obligation.

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