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What Has Your Bank Filed?

Need to Short Sell Your Utah Home?

Get $250 Cash when you list your home

You deserve the most experienced team, and stress free process, when short selling your home. With my years of experience I am best able to provide you with the help you need.

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start so I am making you a limited time offer to help you get on the right path:

$250 CASH when you list your home with me

All you need to do is schedule a free confidential conversation with me, where we will discuss your situation. After I have answered your questions and you list your home with me I will give you $250 cash.


Just fill out the short form to the right to get started >>>

Meet the Effective agent Team

Experienced agent - I am one of the top selling short sale agents in Utah and have been working with banks for over 20 years. I work with all of the major banks on an almost daily basis.

Legal Advice- Each of my Utah Short Sale clients is represented by attorney, qualified to work with your bank, and review the process. YOU SHOULD NOT PURSUE A SHORT SALE WITHOUT LEGAL ADVICE.

Cash back at closing - Often we are able to get the banks to pay you money for co-operating on a Utah Short Sale. Your bank would prefer to work with you than force a foreclosure.

Full deficiency waiver - More important than cash at closing (although less exciting) is a full deficiency waiver. On every short sale I have closed we get a binding agreement with bank that they will NOT come after the seller in future for money. They forgive the money that is owed above the mortgage amount. I have succeeded in getting millions of dollars of debt forgiven

Stay in your home while selling - While we work with your bank you can continue living in your home. The foreclosure process is virtually always postponed, and you have approximately six months before you need to worry about moving. If you need longer we can work to give you more time. The key is to get started while you still have options, and show your bank that we are working with them.

Dedicated team - I have several attorneys, a complete staff of trained negotiators, tittle companies, and transaction coordinators who work diligently with you and your bank, to keep the process running smoothly.

Please review some of the testimonials that I have received on the Effective Agent Youtube Channel.

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Short Sale FAq's

When you call the Effective Agent Team we will help you assess your options and:

  • Understand your rights
  • Provide information about Utah Foreclosure laws
  • Discuss the general implications of Utah foreclosure compared to Utah Short Sale
  • Put a long term home ownership plan in place
  • Understand the Utah Short Sale or Utah Loan modification process