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What Has Your Bank Filed?

Free Foreclosure Check

Has your lender started foreclosure?

Find out now.

If you are late on your payments, your bank may have started a foreclosure and you do not even realize it. Most lenders wait until a couple of payments have been missed, but legally they are able to start foreclosure as soon as you are in default.

By filling out the short form to the right we will
  • - Check to see if your lender has started the foreclosure process or not.
  • - If they have started foreclosure, we will help you to identify how long you have before the foreclosure is complete.
  • -Help you identify available options with your specific bank.

Fill out the form to the right to request a free foreclosure check

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Foreclosure Check

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Short Sale FAq's

When you call the Effective Agent Team we will help you assess your options and:

  • Understand your rights
  • Provide information about Utah Foreclosure laws
  • Discuss the general implications of Utah foreclosure compared to Utah Short Sale
  • Put a long term home ownership plan in place
  • Understand the Utah Short Sale or Utah Loan modification process